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PCN Projects and Pilots

The work we do as a PCN and its strategic fit with our population health needs and PCN priorities

Population Health Needs Infographic

A key priority of Shoreditch Park and City PCN is to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our local populations. These needs are informed through a number of avenues. Among these are our data insights which provide us with our population health data (including demographics, prevalence of long term conditions, etc.), regular patient surveys and focus groups aimed at helping us to understand areas for improvement and development, and through a series of patient engagement events.

Over the last year, we have conducted four patient engagement events and one health fair. As part of these events we invite patients to come and learn more about the services and support available in the PCN, and ask any questions they may have. Please look at our News & Events page to keep up-to-date with any future events happening at your practice or local to you.

Please see the following projects and pilots that we are working on which are aimed at supporting the needs of our patients and populations:

  • Male isolation group – ‘The Get Together’ – a new weekly face to face drop-in session, held every Tuesday 2-4pm, led by our PCN Social Prescriber. Click here for more information. 
  • Children’s and Young Persons Service – Click here for more information. 
  • Benefits Advisory Group – With the cost of living crisis, our vulnerable patients are even more likely to need support in accessing welfare and benefits. The benefits advisory group is in place to provide help with accessing these services where appropriate. Click here for more information, including how to access Free Legal Advice on Housing, Benefits, Consumer & Employment, or any other matter.
  • Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Healthcare Assistants – Our Healthcare Assistants are here to help ensure that all of our patients with a severe mental illness have their annual health checks completed.
  • Diabetes catch-up project – Diabetes has been identified as a priority population health need within Shoreditch Park & City PCN, as is therefore one of our Health Inequalities projects.
  • PCN Learning Disability Trainee Nurse Associate to support with clinics such as the enhanced access smear clinics, and support practices to hit childhood immunisation targets and more. 
  • Focus groups for Black men with type 2 diabetes.
  • Health & Wellbeing coaches – weekly group sessions to begin soon.

PCN Learning Disability Trainee Nurse Associate

Our PCN Learning Disability Trainee Nurse Associate supports with clinics including patient NHS health checks, blood tests, blood pressure checks, diabetes health checks, health promotion and more (all depending on individual competency). Her primary focus is on supporting our patients living with a learning disability and making sure appropriate adaptations and support is provided to improve their health & social care needs. This includes supporting and encouraging them to participate in the national cancer screening programmes.

Focus groups for Black men with type 2 diabetes 

More information coming soon.