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Patient Group

At Shoreditch Park and City PCN, we strive to put our patients at the forefront of everything we do. This means working with patients to inform our priorities and the services that we offer.

Between January 18th and February 5th, we undertook a confidential patient survey across the 6 practices in the PCN, asking for the views of our patients with the main focus of: 

Understanding what is working well and what isn't

Where patients would like us to focus and improve

What services patients would like see us develop in the future

We received a great response with over 1000 patients giving us their views. We are in the process of analysing the data and undertaking further in-depth discussions through focus groups. These discussions will support us in further meeting the needs of our patients and local populations. 

We will then hopefully have interested individuals in becoming part of a PCN level Patient Participation Group (PPG), to ensure continued patient involvement in the services we offer. If you are interested in becoming part of our PPG, please do get in touch by filling in this short form Join the Patient Participation Group. Note this is separate to the already established PPGs in our practices.

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Neighbourhood Forum

A new Neighbourhood Forum is being set up for the communities of the City, De Beauvoir, Hoxton and Shoreditch Park. This area stretches from Tower Gateway in the East to Chancery Lane in the West and from the River Thames in the South to Balls Pond Road in the North.

The Neighbourhood Forum has the aim of improving the lives of everyone who lives in the area with local services being accountable to local people. The forum is the opportunity to drive change in your neighbourhood and create services that work for your needs.

You can download full details of the Neighbourhood Forum here

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