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Patient Engagement Events

Check back here regularly to see the latest patient engagement events being organised by your PCN.

Past Engagement Events

Community Outreach Event - Family Day/MMR Vaccinations

We were absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed by the amazing turnout for the Shoreditch Park & City PCN Family Day/MMR Outreach Event held at De Beauvoir Surgery on 18th May 2024. An impressive total of 90 children joined us during the day, bringing vibrant energy and joy to the day.

The event was especially significant as it was organised in response to the low uptake of childhood immunisations in Hackney and the City. Recognising the importance of ensuring children are protected against preventable diseases, we aimed to create a fun and informative space where families could access vaccinations and essential information.

The kids had a blast engaging in various art activities, creating beautiful and imaginative pieces that showcased their creativity. The bubble station was a hit, with endless bubbles filling the air, adding a magical touch to the event. Face painting was another favourite, transforming the children into colourful characters and bringing smiles to their faces. Additionally, every child received a goodie bag, adding an extra element of excitement and joy to their day.

Several children received their MMR vaccinations during the event, and parents were given important information about the significance of these vaccinations. Many parents also took the opportunity to check whether their children were up-to-date with their vaccines, receiving advice and booking future appointments as needed. Healthwatch Hackney was in attendance, providing valuable support and information to the families, along with lots of presents for the children.

Shoreditch Park & City PCN was represented by Dr. Jenny Darkwah, PCN Clinical Director, Shelagh, Elizabeth, Faiza, Asia, Laura and Hannah, along with De Beauvoir Practice Manager, Mark. Thank you also to Dr. Haoli James for hosting the event at De Beauvoir Surgery.

Feedback has been really positive, with many families expressing their appreciation for the event. It was heartwarming to see so many families come together, enjoying the fun-filled activities, receiving valuable health information, and ensuring their children's well-being.

Celebrating and Supporting Healthy Living in Black Men

Celebrating & Supporting Healthy Living in Black men

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The Lawson Practice on 17th February 2024

Lawson Event ImageLawson Event ImageLawson Event Image

We are pleased to share that our recent PCN Patient Engagement event for The Lawson Practice was a resounding success.  The event, held on Saturday 17th February 2024, welcomed 60 patients during the 2-hour period, providing them with valuable information and resources about the PCN and its services. The PCN team included Jenny, Shelagh, Elizabeth, Eunice, Nayla and Shanaz; and The Lawson Practice representatives included Dr Shabana Rauf, Dr Sweta Raj, Dr Gordon Burke and Anwara, who all worked diligently to ensure the event’s smooth operation and engaging atmosphere. The involvement of both the PCN and The Lawson Practice staff demonstrates collaboration and commitment to patient engagement. Please see below for some of the lovely feedback that we received. 

“This was a very good idea as I now know about the PCN.  The event also helped being able to speak to people who listen to you and ready to give advice and offer support”.

“Excellent event. Great to have the GPs from The Lawson Practice present and nice to meet Dr Darkwah and her team”.

“Interesting and helpful information provided, and everyone was very friendly”. 

“Nice to have a chat with the GPs and team away from the practice”. 

“I found this event very helpful, and it was lovely to meet other patients from The Lawson Practice”. 

“I had a lovely afternoon, and it was nice to just chat to the team away from the practice. These events should happen more often as it helps to talk without time constraints”. 

Lawson Event ImageLawson Event Image

De Beauvoir Surgery on 11th November 2023

De Beauvoir Event ImageDe Beauvoir Event ImageDe Beauvoir Event Image

We are pleased to share that our recent PCN Patient Engagement event for De Beauvoir Surgery was a resounding success. The event held on Saturday 11th November welcomed 50 patients during the 2-hour period, providing them with valuable information and resources about the PCN and its services. Our team, including Jenny, Shelagh, Bianca, Posola and Mark (the new Deputy Practice Manager at De Beauvoir) worked diligently to ensure the event’s smooth operation and engaging atmosphere.  The event was well received, generating positive feedback from the attendees. 

‘I now know that I can be referred to an OT for Mental Health through De Beauvoir'. 

'I have already made appointments on a Saturday and seen Dr James who is very kind to me'. 

'I didn't realise my surgery was part of a network and I found this event very informative'. 

'Today I have learnt more about this wonderful network.  I am very grateful to Dr Haoli James at De Beauvoir for referring me to Joe the Dietician and Abbas. I was at a tricky crossroads and feeling very frightened and now I feel I have someone who cares in each area.  I already feel the benefit of both Joe and Abbas in my world and want to thank the PCN for the opportunity to have them in my life.  The network has made a huge difference to my life'. 

'This event was very helpful, and I was impressed about the other services on a Saturday and late surgeries on weekdays.  I am very happy with the service I receive from De Beauvoir'.

De Beauvoir Event Image

Shoreditch Park Surgery and Hoxton Surgery on 15th July 2023

The PCN held its 2nd face-to-face patient engagement event on Saturday 15th July 2023 to showcase its additional services available to patients. The event was attended by 85+ patients from Hoxton Surgery and Shoreditch Park Surgery. Hoxton Surgery kindly agreed to host the event at short-notice following an unforeseen cancellation at our initial location. Many thanks to the Hoxton Surgery practice manager, Khurram! Thank you Annette and Mohammed for sending out the messages about the change of venue late Friday afternoon. 

The event began at 1pm with an excellent crowd of patients arriving on time, braving the wind and rain. Everyone found the event very informative and enjoyed being able to speak on a one-to-one basis with a member of the PCN.  The patients found the atmosphere very relaxed and not ‘stuffy’. Below is some of the fantastic feedback that we received from our patients. 

“Thank you for all the information regarding availability of services in Hackney. I enjoyed the gathering and to meet everyone and it was great. Well done to all the staff”.  

“This is very informative. I now know you can be seen on a Saturday or Friday evening. Information about who can access the services and who to see was very good. Thank you team”.  

“This is a brilliant idea, a very sensible practical way to utilise resources and make things quicker and easier. As long as we do not lose access to ones GP”.  

The PCN team on the day were Jenny, Adama, Shelagh, Ade and Kristy.

The Neaman Practice on 1st April 2023

Neaman Event ImageNeaman Event ImageNeaman Event Image

Our face-to-face patient engagement event took place at the Golden Lane Community Centre. It was organised specifically for patients of the Neaman Practice in order to raise awareness of Shoreditch Park & City PCN, and showcase the additional services that the PCN offers. The event was supported by Jenny, Mercedes, Adama, Shelagh, Shanaz, Kristy and Faiza.  

We were expecting around 30 residents to attend, but to our amazement 100 patients attended between 11am & 3pm! The feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive and we would like to host an event like this for all the practices. 

The event was very relaxed – Jenny and All spoke to residents individually, which made the event very personal for the patients, and Faiza was available to take Blood Pressure readings. It was clear that most attendees did not know anything about Shoreditch Park & City PCN and the services provided, and all who attended felt it had been extremely helpful.  

Thank you to Shelagh and Leanne for delivering the leaflets around the City, and thank you to those who turned up on the day to support the event – which has undoubtedly been a great success.  

Below is some of the feedback:  

"Very informative event and very helpful to hear about the breadth of health offerings locally. It was nice to be able to talk to someone on a one-to-one basis in a relaxed atmosphere. Well done to everyone who put this event together."  

"This event was not what I thought it was going to be and I was pleasantly surprised. The Neaman Practice Manager was brilliant in assisting with my concerns. I was unaware of the role the PCN played and the services they provide. I am glad I attended, and these events should take place more often."  

"Thank you for putting this event on which I found very helpful. Dr Jenny was very pleasant to talk to along with the other ladies."

"Very useful information given. I enjoyed talking to the Health & Wellbeing Coach who was very helpful."

Neaman Event Image